Sunday, 4 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 3

Some thoughts on supports.....I really like hot press paper and birch panel. I am trying to use more canvas supports. I am not as free with mark making on the canvas for fear of damaging it hence the use of the birch panel. I use to like cold press paper, but not so much anymore. I think the quality of the cold press paper is something I need to look at. I have a lot of cold press paper from the early days of art making so I will continue to paint on it and see what happens.

This 'pup' is painted on cold press and I really don't like how the paint took to the paper. Time to get out the hot press!

'I love Dogs, but cold press paper.....not so much!'
Acrylic on cold press watercolour paper 

Viewing the scanned image (and it is pretty true to colour) - the lower part of the painting has much better darks than the 'top' (the face). When I next paint, and have mixed a 'black' I will add a bit of 'dark' to some of those areas and see what happens.

Have a lovely day wherever you are!


  1. Janet, this dog's name is Cold Press : )

    Would love to see process photos (well, REALLY, would love to hang out in your studio with you, work on something of my own while you work on whatever you've got going on, and have the chance to glance over intermittently to watch you work). Do you get attached to early layers as you paint? How do you let go and/or push through?

    I love looking at all the places in this piece where you transition from one color to another. I love the softnesses.

    1. Cold Press it is!! - I would like to hang out with you - Dotty!!
      As for attachment to layers - yes I do get attached to those early marks and 'colour', and sometimes to my downfall. By falling in love with those areas too soon in the painting process I can end up robbing myself of having a really good painting. Those first layers of paint are ‘young’, and by adding more layers, lifting paint, adding paint and marks, you can get such a rich looking surface. When my inner voice starts saying ‘I really like this spot’ it is probably time to paint it out! Now I am struggling with that choice because - my inner voice is telling me what a mistake I've made, how it is ruined, you are not a good painter, etc....Having said that I have left some paintings with areas of pretty thin paint - but it worked for that particular painting. I probably get it ‘wrong’ more than ‘right’ (but is there a wrong/right? - that's a whole other conversation) but that is all part of the painting process. I do tend to over paint so now I am trying to unlearn that habit. I am also trying not to think to far ahead ie 'plan' - 'make a mark and respond' -
      that mantra is taped to my easel and courtesy of Brian Atyeo. Learning about this ‘painting’ thing has been quite the journey so far. 'Cold Press' still has some of the first paint layers showing - part of the practice I am allowing myself this month - I probably could have left more but that was the decision I made at the moment in the painting. You are making me stop, think and put my thoughts to 'paper' Dotty and that is a lesson in itself! Always, always appreciate your comments and questions - very lucky to have connected with you! Have a lovely day creating ox

  2. I love this little pooch! He is alert and has a great expression. He is so different from regular dog portraits. Love the soft background, scribbles,patterns, and touch of orange.

  3. Hi Carol, thank you very much for the great comments. I am glad you like him - I was not too sure when I posted - always good to see through someone else's eyes. Enjoy your day!

  4. LOVE him! Love reading your convo with Dotty, about process. That you "overpaint". I SO do that. Need to learn to stop sooner. LOL. Love your style, and these portraits are delightful. Soft, rough, rugged, sweet, childlike in that they bring out my inner child. Just want to hug him ;) Happy creating to you Janet!

  5. I am glad to hear he is a 'keeper'! I figure we're all in this 'creative-art' thing together and the more we share (ideas, techniques, tools, etc) the more we as individuals and as a group will grow. As I said to Dotty and will repeat to you - so lucky to have connected with you Sheila! Looking forward to a little studio time today!

  6. So cute this little dog!
    I usually work with cold press paper but once in a while I prefer rough paper, more tooth and less fussy!

  7. Thanks Martine - there was a time when I only 'owned' cold press! Will try a few more with cold press, not ready to give up yet!