Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 21

Today is 'another' day. Hooray!!! This is what I was thinking after I posted Day 20 - 'shouldn't have posted or not tried to paint - probably both'. Well, I have to say that the last 2 days has been a great learning experience.

So, what did I learn.....

1. I have been told that when I am painting if I am asking the question 'should I do this?' - the answer is always yes. I haven't really put this to the test in a big way, just in small ways that won't have any great overall effect on the painting.

2. If you are going to make a change - then make a change. If you are finding yourself stuck - then 'throw' something on the support that is going to make you react! I am interpreting this as 'go big or go home!'

I was going to try and 'fix' yesterday's painting.  I just couldn't. Decided what the heck let's make a change - not something small and fiddly, but a big one! And once that's done - I wonder if I should paint the background red - not just any red, but a dark cad red? Well - where is my cad red deep!!

'a little miffed and disappointed by choices
made and would you please fix my ears!'
Acrylic mixed media on canvas

'Not as miffed and red is a good colour for me'
Acrylic mixed media on paper 

I am going to shorten her name to 'Ruby' and hang her in a prominent spot in my studio - a lovely reminder of what you can happen when you take some risks in the studio!


  1. Awesome, Janet. Everything about your past two painting days is awesome. As uncomfortable as was the kind of agitation you seemed to be feeling, as expressed in your Day 20 post, it is just that kind of discomfort that often signals breakthrough action—discovery! adventure! surprise! transformation! (inward and outward)

    The best!

    My hat is off to you, and I am grateful for your sharing.

  2. Thank you very much Dotty - this has been the best 30in30 yet - out with playing it safe and worrying about whether I should share or not - just put it out there and see what comes back. And I am grateful for what has come back. I am excited for what will be the next painting and the next and so on - well at this moment I am :)) - not everything can be 'good' - and the not so good art will pave the way to some great discoveries - yes you are so right. But just so you know Dotty - you are a great motivator! So what are we going to paint today? Take care ox

  3. WOW! I really liked the before. But ruby is wonderful! And now I have that song in my head. Ruby Baby by Dion. LOL, thanks for the soundtrack and for your inspiring, bold, go forward attitude!

  4. Thanks Sheila - the before is still there in spirit - but was good for me to do this! A good nudge to get out of that so called 'comfort zone'. I don't recall that song - hope it is one you like.....I take no responsibility. As always appreciate your thoughts. Have a lovely day ox

  5. Take chances, its part of the process. Ruby is wonderful. Can't wait to see them all in a collage!

  6. Stepping off the edge when painting takes courage and I'm not taking that step as often as I should. Need to have more faith in myself and the process. It will be great to see them all together - first time doing the 30in30 that I will have painted the same subject for the whole challenge.