Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 12

Busy day and rushed to paint. I mentioned yesterday the I felt 'Gus' was a 'bit' overworked. He was.....I had lost some of the lights and I knew as I was painting that I was getting a bit heavy handed. So today just went 'searching' in the random marks. And it was a bit of a search, but I think worthwhile in the end. I discovered that 'turquoise' is not the same between brands and heavy body, fluid and inks. I subconsciously knew that but 'Daisy' will be a lovely reminder.

Start.....or the 'Ive got nothing' stage!!
Collage, drawing

Random paint and now I think I see something 

Acrylic mixed media on
Strathmore mixed media paper
('140lb heavy weight')

Maybe a bit overpainted, but for me this is all about discovering something new!

Thank you to everyone who has visited and left comments. Greatly appreciated!!


  1. Not over painted at all Janet. And I love that shade of turquoise :) Shades :)

    1. Glad you don't think so! Having all those different shades of turquoise made it easier to add variation - but it also tells me I that I might have too much paint - hmmmm.....can you ever have too much paint?!

  2. Janet, Daisy is pure magic. LOVE that you found her! The way you created contrast with the bright patch under her neck is magnificent, and I love the sense that we can see the breath of life in her at her nose, and a few of her thoughts coming out in the faint speech bubble of letters at her mouth.

    Love those letters—did you stamp them?

    1. I am happy to have found her too! Again you see so much more than I do - will have another look at Daisy today. The letters are a stencil (Crafters Workshop) - had a day making some collage paper. Used lots of different stencils, mostly with black paint (craft acrylic) on white tissue. Almost time to make some more!