Friday, 16 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 15

Although it is February 16 - I am a day behind posting for the 30in30 - so that is why I am on Day15!

I wasn't really paying attention to what 'animal' year it was for the 2018 Chinese New year and when I found out it was the year of the dog I had to smile because I started off the challenge thinking I would do a few dogs and here on Day 15 is another dog! I figure this is a meant to be and I am glad I have continued with the dogs! I've learned a lot, had some ups and downs painting wise but it has been worth every minute of 'studio angst' as well as experiencing some 'aha' moments and of course just feeling lucky to be painting.

This is a work in progress. It has been a while since I have worked in such a structured way - using stencils, photocopying the dog sketch, cutting it out and applying it to the canvas and then painting. I was fortunate to take a workshop with Ann Bagby (a number of years ago) and this is one of the techniques she showed us. Ann painted the image and then cut out and applied it to the support (that is how I remember it!! and Ann probably did a few other things - but I haven't bothered to ready my my peril maybe!) I had tried this technique back then (with limited success) and I thought what the heck - will give it another go with this painting. I marked off where the dog image was going to be and left it most of that area white - worried about getting bleed through from any colours underneath.

So this is where I will leave it for today and I am hoping to finish it tomorrow or at least pretty close to being done.

                    !!In the meantime...... Happy Chinese New Year to you all!!

Initial layer of stenciling 

Stage 2
Ready for some paint


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    1. Thanks Dotty - hopefully a good nights rest will give me some ideas where to go from here!

  2. Ah HA! LOL. Very interesting (said with a Get Smart accent). See ya tomorrow Janet :)

    1. Did you send this from your 'shoe phone'! I say 'very challenging' in my Best Get Smart - are we dating ourselves?!

  3. Missed this, but I LOVE all those patterns. Dog on a Moroccan rug!

  4. Thanks Carol - just a work in progress - I love pattern, but can go overboard with it!

  5. Thank you Janet for explaining the process...Quite interesting! I Never worked with stencil but you make me want to try it!!!