Thursday, 15 October 2015

Journal Project 2015

Page 1   Size 9X9"
Onion skin paper, washi tape, stencilling, collaged birds & tickets
Graphitint & Inktense pencils,  2B pencil, sharpie pen

Just finished another journal!  Have been working on this for awhile - will not disclose how long though!  This theme is 'Journey'.  Struggled coming up with an idea that I wanted to create for this particular journal.  (A little background info - we started off with 7 participants and are now down to 5.  Life changes didn't allow 2 good friends to continue on but hopefully for the next go. Everyone picked a theme and the journals were passed.  A month was given for each exchange, alot of time really, but for some of us not enough.....).  I sometimes have a hard time coming up with an idea that excites me and I want to pursue, but once things start clicking I really enjoy the time spent creating the page(s).  I hope I am not the only one who goes through this!?

Page 2   Size 9X9"
Acrylic paint, collage, stencilling, washi Tape,
Sharpie pen, Graphitint Pencils, letter stickers,
gem stickers, foam tape

Page 3  9X9"
Art tissue paper, acrylic paint (lots of glazing),  stencilling, collage,
computer generated text, Tim Holtz ticket die cut,
Graphitint, Inktense pencils, Sharpie, 
2B pencil, gem stickers, foam tape

Page 4  9X9"
Handmade paper, Acrylic paint (lots of glazing), stencilling,
collage, Tim Holtz envelope die cut, gem stickers,
Graphitint & Inktense pencils, foam tape