Sunday, 18 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 17

Doing some reflecting on what I have learned so far.....

1. Don't plan ahead......have an idea, but paint in the 'moment'
2. I like the Winsor Newton watercolour pens for creating a quick sketch before starting to paint
3. Sticking with the dogs (...not going to the dogs...groan....) has taught me a lot. Where I started, where I am.... and where I hope to keep going.

My dog for today has a lot of elements in it that I am really happy with - some of the original paint and marks, as well as some of the collage are still visible - huge progress for me.

The start with initial sketch 

..... in between this and the finished portrait are lots of layers of paint, some areas where I spritzed the paint with water to get some runny parts and some stencilling at the end of painting.

Acrylic mixed media on canvas

                                   ....I love her to the 'moon' and back....


  1. She is gorgeous who could not love her. Look forward each day to see your dogs.. Hoping maybe I will catch the dog bug and draw paint my Lilly!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments Carol. I hope you will draw/paint your Lilly - such a lovely name. What kind of dog is she?

  3. Blind contour sketching? The sketch/start itself is magnetic, and the way many of the sketch lines show through in the completed piece is very effective. The juxtaposition of the depth of the eyes against the informal nature of the portrait works terrifically. Great work!

    1. 'Semi blind contour' sketch. Just a bit of looking and I did it standing up. Really appreciate your comments. If we lived closer I would be showing up on your doorstep for a weekly critique! You see so much and are able to find the words to clearly and concisely express it all. I am drawn to the informal - more intuitive way of painting. Not easy but I find it so rewarding.

    2. Show up on my doorstep anytime, virtually or in person! Glad to know my feedback is of value to you. Jane Davies opened my eyes to the elements of visual language and sparked me to start growing—a steep but engaging learning curve for me.

  4. Wise old soul. All love and friendship. Stunning work my friend :)

    1. Thanks Sheila - glad you found her soul and I am feeling happy to have captured that!