Sunday, 20 September 2015

Unfinished Projects

I have finally finished off a piece that has been in my studio for a year.  It has been moved from table to floor and back again.  It has weighed very heavily on my mind. It was started in a workshop that I was very unprepared for.  I struggled through the 4 days, shed a few tears and came home thinking that I would never paint again.  Be careful what you think!  I didn't paint for at least 6 months.  This past month I decided that I needed to do something with that picture.  As I was working on 'her' I was thinking about how she was like an 'albatross around my neck' and that I needed to bring her to some kind of closure in order to move on.  Now that she is done I am wondering if perhaps I might have been the 'albatross' holding her back!  Best wishes and happy creating!

18" X  24"
Acrylic paint and mediums, collage, stenciling