Saturday, 17 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 16

Scanned closeup of 'Tao' 

Acrylic mixed media on canvas
(Photo of whole image)

Neither one of these pictures is spot on for a reproduction close to the actual colour of the painting. Seemed to have ended up at either end of the value scale. I would like to have a decent one in my photos - so will give it another try tomorrow.


  1. You never can tell as color goes. Each monitor and device sees it differently. Both I love especially detail with the more monochromatic feel!

  2. So true Carol - I have found that when I have scanned some images they come out pretty true to colour and the same when phoned on my Mac. Am going to try photographing outside today. Have a good day!

  3. Love them both Janet. The crop is nice, as it takes out some of the details, brings more focus to Mr. Love the pattern play, the textures (awesome!) and the expression. I can tell what he is thinking from way over here! LOL :)

  4. Good eye Sheila - the cropped version does make him show more. There is a lot of pattern - seem to have got that out of my system now!! I hope he is thinking something nice and sending it your way!