Sunday, 11 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 10

Another day, another dog......still using cold press paper. It's handy by so I seem to go for it first. Will have to get out some hot press paper for the next one No retriever today, thought I would try something else. There are not a lot of bulldogs in our area. The last one I saw 'in-person' was at a puppy class we took one of our dogs to a few years ago. The bull dog wasn't particularly interested in any of the other dogs and instead preferred to 'sit it out' and watch the rest of them play. They have pretty interesting features but I must confess I enjoy our labs. They are perfect for our lifestyle - walking/hiking - spending time outdoors in all the seasons! Some days I have trouble keeping up with them!

Step 1
Drawing and collage 

Step 2
A bit of coverage using Transparent Red Iron Oxide
and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide 

Acrylic mixed media on
140lb cold press paper 


  1. "Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling, Clementine!"

    Janet, LOVE getting to hang out in your studio with you, watching you scratch out a sketch, add collage, wash with transparency, build layers, contrast, and life into a piece of paper. The best!

    The lift of that chin, the direct unwavering gaze of those eyes.

    Do you work from your home? a studio space elsewhere?

  2. She is a darling! If I was particularly brave I could of put another 'wash' over her and then added another layer of time. I do have a studio, it is above the garage - the 'bonus room'.....after living here for 17 years I am finally calling it my 'studio'. By claiming the space as 'studio' it has changed my family's perception of what I do as well as friend's and acquaintances and in some ways my own. If I won a lottery I would have a studio separate from the house. I tend to get caught up in the day to day chores and now that my husband is semi-retired (and a bit bored) he visits daily asking what am I doing? I've had some fun responding to that!! I have finally become comfortable when asked what I do - and am proudly owning the title of 'artist'. Thanks for asking Dotty and extra, extra big thanks for all your support!

  3. Thanks for the process photos, believe me I know how much more work is involved. i used to have patterns but alas they are long gone. They really make excellent marks. They really manage to show themselves in the final image. She is a darling!

    1. Thank you Carol - I could send you some patterns! - they do leave interesting lines, etc. Those bulldogs have a personality second to none. Appreciate your comments.

  4. What a sweetie! She is not giving up until she gets what she wants. LOL. Love your response to Dotty, still hard for me to say that out loud. To strangers. But YaY for you Janet, Stand up and OWN it!!
    I think this is perfect as its. YOu might lose some of the pattern pieces if you add more. IMHO
    Have fun today Janet!

    1. Makes me happy to know she has brought a smile to your face. I still have trouble saying it out loud - 'artist' - I can get very tongue tied and do stumble over that word - it certainly is a bit easier to write. I had to fill out some forms today and on of the questions asked if I worked and what occupation....I sat and thought for a minute (yes a whole minute!) and then wrote 'yes' and 'artist'. Felt quite liberating You are an artist and a designer Sheila - and probably a whole lot of other things that I don't know about. Why is it that we can't acknowledge what we love to do and do well. If I ever know the answer I will share it! Take care and happy creating