Saturday, 10 February 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 9

This 'painting thing' has had me out of sorts for the last few days. I have felt myself get tighter and tighter when painting and I have not been happy with some of the results. I am trying different subjects and experimenting with materials - maybe too many variables - but is two really two to many!? The other issue I am having is there is a painting sitting on my easel. It has been sitting there for way too long - daring me to do something - anything! I have been 'picking' away at it with little success. So I have it at the back of mind when working on other things. That is about to change and I will share that in another post.

So for today - back to the dogs. Took a different approach for starting. I had purchased some of the Winsor Newton watercolour pens - on sale - don't ask me why because I hardly ever use watercolour anymore, and used them to put down a quick loose sketch. I then spread some transparent yellow iron oxide on the paper and pushed it around and wiped some off with a damp paper towel. The watercolour didn't move much until I sprayed  everything with water. Then some movement - which I was hoping for. Then on to applying paint with a chiseled edge brush. I kept the palette limited and also set a time frame so as not to overwork things. A few details added with graphite and a couple of stencils and done. I am very happy with the lovely 'Bella'!

The Start
Winsor Newton Watercolour pens and Graphite

Acrylic mixed media on 140lb
coldpress watercolour paper 


  1. I have never heard of those pens. Need to check them out ;) This is another lovely piece, sweet and bright. Love the details in her collar. Stylish :)

  2. I didn't find the pens very 'juicy' and I don't know how long they last. Might have been a function of the paper I was using too - inexpensive paper! Having said that I bought them at least a year ago so maybe they have dried out a bit. They have a double tip - not sure which one I used!? I bought them at Michael's so maybe check out your nearest store. Thanks for the great comments Sheila - I enjoyed painting her - was a much more pleasant painting experience than earlier in the week. I am lucky to be able to dedicate time to painting though!!

  3. Janet, Bella is bellisima! I love that she's both a sketchy character, so to speak, and such a trustworthy beauty. I appreciate your including a process photo and story—I so love learning about painting/art in that way. You've created a fully realized painting that stays loose and interpretive. Bella!

  4. Should have provided a couple more photos and I will next time!! I am glad you find Bella 'extra' beautiful - I do too. Pretty relieved she 'showed' up from some a sketchy start. This is how I really want to paint - only larger - I find her soulful and if I had strived for some sort of realism she would have looked stiff and contrived. I do have to watch myself being 'interpretive' with some subjects though. I am hoping by the end of this 30in30 I will be closer to finding that certain something that will make the dogs 'mine'! Have a wonderful day Dotty ox

  5. This Bella has such lovely eyes! It is a winner Janet !
    And I don't really like dogs (I have allergies when close to cats and dogs!)

  6. Thanks Martine! That is high praise indeed. Maybe a 'virtual' dog? I am lucky - no allergies! Enjoy your day!

  7. I am pushover for dogs! Bella has such character even in the rough sketch! Love your layering and stamp textures!

  8. Thanks Carol - I am with you - go all mushy when I see a dog - lucky to have our two - such good companions and so good for the soul! Take care and happy painting.