Monday, 1 February 2016

Seed Pods - Painting

I was cleaning my preparation for two more online workshop with Jane Davies. If I have time over the next few weeks to post some of the work from those workshops I will. But...back to the studio cleanup.  I found these seed pods from some poppies and put them out for a painting day with my painting group.  The image below is what came from the day.  I have a BSc in Agriculture (with a major in Range and Pasture Management) and have always enjoyed plants.  Learning to identify different plants was part of the curriculum and although I never did land a job where I would use these skills; over the years I have enjoyed being able to identify a variety of plants in our rural area. Sometimes much to the chagrin of my family!  I have drawn on some of the subject matter from my university days for my artwork and as I am writing this I am thinking of a couple of subjects that could be expanded upon!  Stay tuned....

Watercolour, gouache, Derwent Inktense & Graphitint Pencils
Arches 140lb rough watercolour paper