Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 27

Back to the Wildlands...and yes I really do want to go back to the Solomon Creek area - maybe next year!

Had a few problems with 'shape' in this one -  it has gone through several 'applications' of paint and collage. I didn't take before(s) but it started off with small shapes - too small really to have any impact. This is something I do struggle with and am trying to start with bigger areas of paint/shapes. This painting has the larger shapes, but not sure if there is enough variety - but they are much better than the 'start!' I am going to call this 'finished' but is a painting ever finished?

'The Wildlands - Solomon Creek #4'
Acrylic mixed media on canvas 


  1. Love this! I know I probably always say that, but it is true! I am looking slowly, taking in the luscious details of the foreground. Moving up to enjoy the gorgeous, rugged peaks. I think this is perfect, the overlapping shapes are wonderful. My favorite is the lights and darks on the cliff to the left...

  2. Good to hear from you! This 'painting thing' is sometimes a very fraught life exercise - but it sure is nice to have your support on this journey.

  3. Janet, the wildland-feel of the lower half of this painting feels especially strong to me with its wild scribbles, its underground treasures just visible enough to tease, its darks and lights, its warms and cools, its tufts of grass, its uneven terrain. Thanks for sharing some of the history of your experience in painting it—always appreciate hearing about process.

  4. Thanks Dotty - not sure how I feel about this one - so... best to let it 'rest'! Appreciate the feedback. Have a good day.

  5. What a beautiful companion piece to yesterday's. Like the bolder colors and definition in this piece.