Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

...Day 26.....4 days left....Back to still life today. Wasn't my first thought when I pulled out this start, but after turning it several times some shapes started to appear. Mixed up some neutrals and started painting out areas and defining some vessel shapes. The two shapes in the foreground were the ones I 'found' and the dark vessel in the background appeared as I painted. I realize there isn't much left of the original start, but some does show through in a subtle way in areas that were glazed . I find this much easier to work with than a blank, white piece of paper. I enjoy painting vessels - no reference photos for this painting - just memory and what appears in the paint. I would describe it as an intuitive approach. Hope you enjoyed your day painting and again many thanks for having a look and commenting - appreciate it very much.

Today's start

8" X 8"
Acrylic on
printmaking paper


  1. Thank you for sharing your process, Janet! I love the result, vessels, colors & marks!

  2. Another great one! Love the bits of green, and the warm gold. Love the patterns down the middle, on the background and the pot. I love how you manage to use so many different patterns, and still create a cohesive, subtle look. Really enjoy seeing yoru start and hearing about your process :)

    1. Thank you for the great comments Sheila. You see so much and articulate it so well. Look forward to seeing you Day 27!

  3. OK, as a child I used to win birthday part peanut hunts all the time—do you think that ability to find the hidden might carry over to treasure hunts on canvas? I am just mesmerized by what you find and develop from seemingly unremarkable starts. Do you have space on your studio floor for a sleeping bag? I'm booking a flight!

  4. Dotty - I think you can do anything!! I find working this way very freeing and yes it is a bit of a 'treasure' hunt - although sometimes my treasure isn't quite what I expect. The more unremarkable the start - the better for me to work with! I guess I am not worried about 'wrecking' it! You are welcome to visit any time....and you don't have to sleep on the floor...Take care and enjoy your studio day.