Monday, 30 January 2017

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 30!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 30in30! It is now day 30 - the last day and last painting for this challenge. Many thanks to Leslie Saeta for organizing this month of painting. Must confess I am relieved this is the final day....I know this isn't suppose to cause undue stress but once painting I became totally obsessed with posting daily - I couldn't help myself. Once again the practice of practice (can you say that!) has proven itself. This was a month of some good, some not so good paintings but lots of experimentation and pushing myself outside the 'box'. I have connected with wonderful artists who have offered insightful observations on my paintings and painting in general, offered daily support and lots of inspiration and eye candy visiting their pages. So, cheers to you all, may you enjoy more studio days painting, experimenting and filling up your well. I look forward to this coming September and the next 30in30!

Painting start

8" X 8"
Acrylic mixed media on
Stonehenge printmaking paper


  1. Best wishes to you this winter and spring. Hope to read about your paintings on your blog. Yes, see you in September!

    1. Thank you Judith. Can't wait to see some of your paintings from this challenge in a larger format. Best wishes and September it is.

  2. It is quite fascinating to look at this painting from start to finish. As if an image appears along the way with collage, stencils and colors. I love the result!

    Hope you will do the collage, Janet! It would be so interesting to see all your paintings together.

    Until the next challenge...

  3. Thanks Martine. Looking forward to seeing your collage - you will have such a variety of images to look at.

  4. I just love opening your blog every day, including today! I love the interplay here of rectilinear and gentle softnesses. And I'm so grateful that you show your starts/process—I am in awe of your layering, and its implicit letting go. I look forward to following your creating in the coming months … and I expect to see something before September!

  5. Hi Janet, thank you for visiting me and leaving comments. You are on my radar to spend some time on your site. I too am thrilled it is over. But I do love seeing everyone's art - so much talent, so many creative minds. I like to go back and read through entire blogs so you'll probably get some notes. Look forward to seeing your work and getting to know you better. N

  6. Your painting resonates a feeling of HOPE!

  7. Thank you very much Carol - high praise indeed hadn't looked at the image that way so thank you again....and yes - we need more hope during these times