Monday, 16 January 2017

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 16

Day 16! It is also know as Blue Monday - a name given to the third Monday in January. (Supposedly the most depressing day of the year!). If I had know this morning it was 'blue' I would have done something in blue, but instead went with some rich earth tones and neutrals. More vessels, but I find it interesting painting them. Had some paper that I had randomly painted (using up extra pigment from another painting day) and then just started playing with shape and line. Used some colours I don't normally reach for and glad I did. My Monday was anything but blue and I hope you had a good day!

'Vessels 4'
11' X 8 3/4"
Acrylic mixed media
on Canson watercolour paper


  1. I love the rich colors, gorgeous! Beautiful shapes, and the sparkle of the pattern is delightful!

    1. Thanks Sheila - not a palette I would usually use.

  2. Janet, your layering and texture and process fascinate and delight. Love how you find shapes and then use a variety of techniques to pull them into high relief.

    I subscribed to your blog a few days ago but I don't think I've received any emails. In fact, I thought maybe I hadn't subscribed so went to do so today and a window popped up telling me I was already subscribed. I'll see what evolves over the next few days and then get back to you.

  3. Thanks Dotty. I enjoy working this way - makes me slow down and look!

    I will see what is going on and hopefully get things worked out.