Friday, 13 January 2017

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day 13

Am finding a bit of a rhythm the last couple of days - especially working on this painting. Should have scanned the start - next time. It was a random mix of blues, greys, teal and a couple of drops of white ink - a real 'mish-mash'. After it had dried I spent a bit of time looking for shapes that appealed to me and what popped out was vases, pots and bowls. I kept turning the paper as I worked on it and it was at the midway point that I decided on a direction that I liked. Lots of layers of paint, glazing, mark making, stencilling and a small amount of graphite pencil. Think I will try another one but change up my palette to earth tones....maybe!

I worked on a 11" X 11" piece of paper and it is too big for my scanner. I really need to try a photo editing program, but that will have to wait for another day. Took a picture of the whole image with my iPad (apologies for the picture quality) and then took a couple of scans. The colour and image quality is so much better with the scans.

'Vessels 3'
11" X 11"
Acrylic mixed media
on Canson watercolour paper

Scanned image
Colour is much closer to the original artwork


  1. WOW, that really is a big difference. Gimp is free, and you can learn from tutorials for Photoshop as well. I like the both actually, LOL. But oh those blues sing in the scan!!!

  2. Janet, I love this 'discovered' composition—a gift (to you, to me). Your approach to painting resonates and makes me eager to be in my studio—two more gifts. The softnesses here draw me in, and the shadows and depth.

  3. Gorgeous composition, gorgeous colors!
    Love all the marks: it seems so mysterious to me this process...