Saturday, 24 September 2016

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Day Twenty-Four

When I started the 30in30 I didn't pick a theme for my paintings. Sometimes when I pick a subject/theme I end up stifling myself and making it harder for me to paint! At day 24 I it is pretty clear to me that landscapes became my subject of choice. Hope you are enjoying painting your chosen theme or just leaving yourself open to whatever inspires you. Enjoy the day.

Day 24
Acrylic on Stonehenge printmaking paper


  1. Janet - the muted colors in conjunction with the line work is exceptional! It's SO appealing!

  2. Love the pencil lines/artful scribble -- enough but not too much.

  3. So fun to look at, exciting! I want to follow the path and see where it leads. So love the palette!