Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day Twenty-Seven

I started this painting at Joan Fullerton's workshop. I have 4 other paintings that are in various stages and am looking forward to working on them in the days that follow. Joan wanted us to have multiple paintings to work on during the five day workshop. That way you were less likely to overwork any one painting. Having said that, I think this is a bit overworked. Still not entirely happy with the colour.......will leave it for a bit and revisit it at a later date - or not!

Only 3 more days left of daily painting. Having stuck with it I am finding it quite natural to head up to my studio at some point in the day and even if I only have an hour can still do a small painting. This has been such a great habit to cultivate! Hope you can find some time in your day for a little painting.

Day 27
Acrylic mixed media
on birch cradle board


  1. Oh no, I love it. But I do see where you could punch up the sky a bit. More texture or sparkly light. And maybe that gold could be ..... more visible on the right. (Since you mentioned your thoughts) I love the forms, the textures in the cliffs, and of course your wonderful color choices!!!

  2. Thx Sheila. You have a very good eye! Glad you sent me your ideas. Agree - the right side needs some of the 'gold' and the sky is lacking. You know how you feel when you're looking at your painting and you just can't put your finger on what needs doing. I am going to leave it for now (is not finished!) but I do like your ideas for resolving some of the issues. I'm tired of looking at it!! Good to hear from you - hope you enjoyed your time away. I am playing a bit of catchup with the 30in30. I went to your website but I couldn't get it to load on my computer. Will try again this evening. What to catch up on your 'daily's' !

  3. Sorry to hear that Janet. It was down for 2 days i think, but it should be up now. Maybe I goofed and loaded a too large image. I will check. I know exactly what you mean, something is off, but you can't say what. stepping away is a good idea. And I hope you will share any revisions with us.
    I am having so much fun catching up on all the paintings. Each one of yours has been wonderful!