Saturday, 10 September 2016

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day Ten

For today's painting I decided to start with some collage and see where it would take me. I haven't been using much collage in my work, maybe the odd piece of plain paper but not papers that have been 'decorated'. I was very fortunate to attend a workshop with Ann Bagby a few years ago. We made a lot of papers alla 'Ann' and I learned a lot about acrylics and how to glaze to get rich, rich colours and papers with lots of depth to them. I have Ann's dvd's (which are excellent) but nothing will come close to that workshop. I enjoyed using collage for this piece, it's good to change things up. I had forgotten about glazing and how rich it can make things look. Oh and I still have some of my papers from Ann's workshop - I just can't bring myself to 'tear' them up - maybe they should be framed? Have a good day and keep creating!

Day 10
Acrylic mixed media
on Arches 140lb hot press watercolour paper

Collage papers from
Anne Bagby workshop
Acrylic on dry wax deli paper