Sunday, 25 September 2016

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days Day Twenty-Five

Last day of my workshop with Joan Fullerton. Five days (for me) is along time to be painting away from home. When you paint on your own, sharing space with 18 other artists can be overwhelming at times - but it is also good. Different styles and approaches to subject matter, differing opinions, questions I hadn't thought of, connecting and exchanging contact info, being pushed out of my comfort zone of home - just a few of the benefits. And of course the big one is having access to the artist/instructor - in this case Joan Fullerton! Wherever you are painting - enjoy yourself and just go with the flow!

Day 25
Acrylic mixed media on
Canson mixed media paper


  1. Janet - this is simply beautiful! The variation in the sky is lovely and presents a wonderful contrast to the colors and texture of the rest of the piece. So nice!

    1. Thank you very much for your comments. Appreciate receiving your feedback.

  2. Janet this is wonderful! Love the sparkle in the sky, the grasses, the trees, the chunky earth. Love the purpley darks and the golden lights.... awesome!