Thursday, 3 May 2018

Spring Fever

Spring is finally here! The snow is almost gone and whispers of green are appearing in the aspens and willows. I have spring fever (not enough of one to spring clean!) it just feels so good to be out in the sun and feeling the warmth. The birds are singing and we are seeing more of our summer wildlife residents - loons, blue herons, osprey, canada geese and ducks galore! Such a beautiful time of year.

'Spring Melt on the Prairies -
filling up the sloughs'
Acrylic mixed media on birch panel


  1. Yay! A new post!

    Janet, the title and the subtleties in this piece complement each other perfectly. That time of spring melt is not yet a time of a riot of color. Your textural bits are both a quiet literal visual invitation to explore but also a gentle figurative invitation to consider all that is going on seasonally here that is just barely visible or maybe only implied. Well done! Love the feeling of prairie-and-sky expansiveness, love the watery feeling, the 'melt.'

  2. Thank you Dotty! Had fallen behind posting and painting. Recurring back issues have me down and out (again) - finally getting some relief and better energy. As an artist I can't ask for more generous comments - you see what I see and am trying to convey in the painting with the materials at hand. Always appreciate your critical eye (critical is meant in a very positive way!!) Enjoy your day!

  3. So sorry to be behind in responding. I absolutely love this :) The grases, the sense of distance. The subtle, shifting sky. You always inspire and delight Janet. Thank you ;)

  4. You are doing 100 paintings!!! No need to apologies - I am feeling rather lazy when I think of what you are accomplishing! Always good to hear from you and appreciate the comments.