Saturday, 7 April 2018


'Tagging' some canvas and birch panels today. Spray paint, stencils and masks - building up a rich surface to paint on - some of the original marks might be visible or will be painted over and more will be made as the painting process moves forward.

Acrylic mixed media on birch panel

Acrylic mixed media on canvas


  1. Janet, I haven't heard the expression 'tagging' before in reference to painting. Turns out I'm currently paying tag with a new patch on my big foam core piece (won't be posted till end of coming week). Wish I were playing tag with you in your studio. I'd love to watch you move through your paces. So glad you shared these tagged pieces at this stage—it'll be fun to see traces later, should they be visible!

  2. 'Tagging' came to me when I was outside spraying multiple panels. Is more a reference to graffiti art and the materials they use - ie spray paint When I see good graffiti I am in awe (Banksey comes to mind). Still not sure where the top one is headed or the rest for that matter. Will keep shaking things up and see what happens!

  3. Janet, your post popped on my screen, just after I had done the same thing. Here I was inspired by you, and POP! Oh the universe and it's timely reminders. Love seeing your process, and so excited to see what these become. Happy creating Janet :)

  4. Hi Sheila - Inpsiration works both ways you know :)) I'm not too sure where these are going.....somewhere good I hope!! Thank you very much for the mention in your latest post. Have a lovely day ox