Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Art of Practice

I am a convert of the practice of daily painting! Having said that - I haven't been doing the quick paint/sketch the past couple of months. I am painting but working on bigger pieces that are somewhat labour intensive and really stretching my creative 'muscles'. Don't get me wrong I enjoy working on these larger pieces but I find doing the smaller, less time consuming painting gets my creative juices flowing - 'what ifs', experimenting with colour and mark making - just so much fun, is freeing and there is no right or wrong!! This practice helps keep my larger studio work fresh and exciting. It certainly boosts the energy level that I bring to the canvas.

All of the sketches are 8 1/2"X11" and are acrylic mixed media on 90lb paper. All painted today. Not a lot of detail and not 'pretty' but I am trying to capture a feeling of freedom and energy in these studies. Something that I think has been missing from my work lately.


  1. Janet: was JUST wondering a day or two what you might be up to in your studio these days, and here you are with show and tell : )

    All four above in one day? W O W. They emanate energy! I like the sketch-in-progress, unfinished nature of them, especially the bottom two.

    Don't stop! Keep on with the daily quick capture of freedom and energy!

  2. Hi Dotty - hahaha still here and still in semi organized chaos. Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment. They are much appreciated. I had to stop myself from going further with these. They are displayed in the order they were done in and I agree the last two are the best. They were all done in an afternoon painting with friends. Now if I can get that energy and feeling into the larger/studio work I will be a very happy artist!!

  3. WOW, one day? LOVE these. Love the loose, the marks, the semi unfinished. But I disagree, there is some pretty going on here ;)