Wednesday, 9 May 2018

More Spring!

Acrylic mixed media
on birch panel 

Love the organic bits that start showing when the snow is melting. Mother Earth is waking up!!


  1. Janet, your layering is masterful! This piece has such a dreamy, looking-through-water quality. Very evocative, with its muted color palette; mix of horizontals, verticals, and subtle snippets of diagonals; quiet details; and great expansiveness. The organic bits that show through when snow is melting—so much more welcome than the man-made litter that sometimes appears under the same conditions!

  2. Thank you very much Dotty - as you well know we as artists are our own worst enemy. Appreciate what you are finding and seeing - I can't ask for a better outcome!! Have to admit our winter pasture is no great 'looker' once spring melt comes, but the deposits left behind by the mules and horse serves to rejuvenate - a good harrow and they have some lovely grass to enjoy in the fall vs the man-made litter that just defaces! Take care

  3. I have been staring at this for a few minutes. Just love the soft palette. Love the light in the sky. There is movement. Refraction maybe... ice crystals or water drops in the air. Lovely. And the layers - wonderful as always. I love the warm trees, the hint of grass. Beautiful all around Janet :)