Saturday, 31 March 2018

Saturday's Palette Cleaner

Purely for fun!

I remember my Grandmas and Aunties with their pearls and curls - hair tightly curled, pearls placed just so and more often than not a lovely rinse of iris blue or perhaps ultramarine violet in their hair! I just might have to add a 'rinse' to this auntie's hair. Fond memories of times past.

'Pin Curls & Pearls'
Acrylic mixed media on printmaking paper


  1. Janet, this is just the sweetest palette cleaner! There is a fresh look about this, with sketch lines visible and details not overworked. Your use of collage adds such fodder for exploration as well as a fun touch of playfulness that speaks to the volumes we don't know about the inner life of this aunty grandma. Oh, and is there collage in her dress, too?

  2. Thanks Dotty - so glad not to have overworked - Not a lot of collage. Just a few bits here and there. Her dress is mostly some very light stencilling. Have a good day!

    1. Well, I'm laughing now because when I said collage I MEANT stenciling!

  3. Hi Grandma! I love the unfinished look too Janet. She is perfect in every detail. :)

  4. 'Hello Dear'.......glad she brought a smile to your face. Good to hear from you Sheila ox