Monday, 5 March 2018

Post.... Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

Back to some painting! The laundry's done, groceries picked up and vacuuming and dusting...check! I can't seem to get dogs out of my head - getting a bit more abstracted but I like to paint in a more interpretive/semi-abstract way. I do have a couple of other paintings on the go - they are not progressing much at all and it seemed like a quick dog painting would help get things going. So the dog made me happy and the others....well let's just say they aren't making me want to squeeze out the paint and pick up a brush! I think there is a term for this....'Procrastination'....

'You should just paint me'
Acrylic mixed media
on 140lb watercolour paper

I have been picking away at this painting for quite some time and these are the latest photos. I don't find much of this image inspiring me to paint. Lots of turning, 'dabbing' on some paint - added some very faint lights but it really needed a big change. So more collage and white gesso - now I feel there is something to respond to! So, what do you do when you are 'stuck'?

Acrylic mixed media on birch panel 

 More collage & white gesso
(terrible picture quality - apologies!)


  1. Oh that blue!! Indigo blue, and light blue, and blue scribbles!! I love his attitude, and your title got it so right I think. FUN! I was missing your pups Janet ;)
    What do I do... stare at it. LOL ;) Thinking about the past month... probably add more texture or a wash of color.

    I looked at the first one, and really liked it, then I scrolled down. LOL. Love seeing your beginnings. Just as I imagined, there is a lot going on in your work!! Wonderful layering! Lights in your darks, darks in your lights. Warmth, cool. WOW! ;)

  2. I love the colour blue - cool blues are #1! I will give him a 'pat' for you! Love your comment....'stare'....I have been doing a lot of that - it's sitting on my easel and it guilts me every time I go to paint. I could take it down, but it's still there in my mind. Great ideas - texture and a wash - will add some this afternoon - will let you know how it goes. Thanks Sheila!

    1. LOL, ah the guilt. I have two large pieces that are months old, guilting me too ;) Wasn't sure if I should admit that out loud, but it's the truth. LOL :) Have fun Janet - looking forward to it, because I know you will rock it!!

    2. I think there are a lot of us out there being 'guilted'! You have fun as well and rock on!

  3. The abstracted pooch has a whimsical playful look; could be right out of a children's picture book story. The background stripes suggest window blinds, or a dish towel—homey, in either case. The cocked eye and scribble sketch lines add to the loving invitability here.

    I appreciate your approach to 'stuck'—i.e. make a change, any change that gives you something to respond to. Now I'm eager to see how this will evolve from here.

  4. Hi Dotty - I am anxious to see how this will evolve too! I am hoping to have it done for a juried show, but at the rate I'm going not this year!! The dogs are a bit of a distraction now from some of my painting - perhaps a bit of yin and yang in the studio - but I feel I just have to go with it - let it lead wherever. Enjoy your day.