Monday, 29 May 2017

Spring in the Alberta Foothills

Last week we had snow, rain and sun. Temperatures in the high 20's and low teens and frost on the weekend. The perennials are up in the garden - never ceases to amaze me that they will survive through our winter. But I won't be getting any annuals until the end of June. We can still get frost in June and into July and even the end of August! So - why do I love living here....don't have to go far for endless inspiration (out the front door), can walk the dog without a leash, have a meadow full of wildflowers, the deer and moose are showing up with their new babes, our horse and mules are just at the bottom of the drive and when the sun shines and the temperatures are in the 20's is my kind of paradise. So while I wait for some blooms outdoors painted some indoors. Wherever you are may you be enjoying 'your' paradise!

'Spring at My House'
Acrylic mixed media on canvas 


  1. Amazes me how even in the darkest darks, you have managed a sense of sparkle. Or maybe I should say glow. Love what is going on in the vase. And the hint of a leaf shape from one of the scratches. In the white I can just make out the form of a stylish woman. I know she isn't meant to be there, nice surprise. Super depth as always :)

  2. You have such a good eye Sheila! Always appreciate your thoughts. I like that 'stylish' woman. Didn't see her before but I like how things will pop out! I am using more layers - building colour on tone and mixing my 'darks'. Phthalo blue is my go to and depending on whether a cool or a warm will add reds or earth tones, gives a lovely rich dark. I did not discover this on my own, but at the workshops I have taken. Always happy to share. Love the exchange of ideas and thoughts! Take care ox

  3. The layers, the abstractions, the representational bits, the asymmetries and juxtapositions, the textures, the softnesses, the angularities—love 'em all!

    In the far left vessel, the regal face of a woman, her lips speaking softly to the child at her side, her eye turned also to her child while simultaneously holding awareness of her surroundings, her high forehead showcasing intelligence and calm.

    1. Good morning Dotty - thank you very much for the comments. I need to take a closer look at this painting! I find it so interesting what other people see in our artwork. It always is worth that second, third and even fourth look!!