Friday, 17 February 2017

Painting - 'Which way is the right way'

'Which way is the right way' can apply to a lot of things in the art world. What I am thinking about is - which way should the painting be hung? When I paint, I am now constantly turning the painting (that wasn't always the case). I have learned that it keeps me from getting bogged down in details and a fixed idea of what things should look like - it opens up the possibility to discover an even better painting than what I first thought was the right way. Even once I have decided what is the right way, I will continue to paint and turn right up to the final few strokes. I actually think my line work is much freer and more spontaneous working this way. Just for fun I am posting the painting in 4 different positions.

Acrylic mixed media on 
Arches140lb hotpress paper



Image 'B' is what I was originally thinking was the finish, but now I am not sure......kind of like 'C' as well. One thing I  notice viewing the image - I want to extend or change the magenta shape (lower right).

Acrylic mixed media on
Arches 140lb hotpress paper

Please share you ideas about this topic and also which way you think is the 'right way' - I will be interested to hear.

Have a great weekend - we are enjoying sunny weather and above 0 temp's - will definitely be spending some time outdoors.


  1. B was my first pick, then D. I like the magent, but I agree, it might be better with a bit more. I used turning the canvas while working on some of the abstracts last month. It is freeing :) Really love how you have broken up the canvas!

    1. B was my first pick as well. Hope you are going to carry on with the abstracts - I am looking forward to seeing where you will take the abstracts~

    2. I will... I have some ideas. Thanks so much for the encouragement Janet :)

  2. A. Winter morning walk at dawn. Crisp dry air, patches of smooth, glass-clear ice. Gratitude at being up and outdoors early. No sunrise in my dreams compares.

    B. All the promise of a new day ahead of me. Window open, light breeze playing with the sheer curtain, possibility whistling a tune, my feet tapping a little dance of eagerness.

    C. Short cold windy walk on city sidewalk from parking garage to theater to see a stage musical for some welcome escape from cabin fever on a February evening.

    D. Left brain, right brain, and a little collaborative playground space in the middle.


    When I evaluate my own paintings, 'right' is this feeling:

    • spine aligned and erect, with spaciousness between vertebrae;
    • feet firmly balanced and grounded;
    • top of head weightlessly lifting cloudward.

    1. Dotty - this is wonderful!! I am looking at them again after reading your wonderful descriptions. And your feeling of 'right' has me thinking even more! Thank you for taking the time to write some an in depth and thoughtful comment - so enjoy our correspondence!

    2. Dotty's comments would make for a lovely book I think :)