Monday, 2 November 2015

Dog Journal

It's official!  The Dog Journal has a 'title' page.  Okay...I didn't really think it needed a title page, but it was fun to work on it.  I started this journal in August and have just been adding a bit of this and that. Magazine clippings, post cards and cards, quotes, some of my doodles and sketches.  Purely for experimentation and to share my love of our cherished 4-legged companions.  I think one or two other favourites - flora and fauna will find their way into this journal over time.  I am becoming braver in my journals.  Have always been a bit of a perfectionist and this has held me back from just doing something - anything! It is really quite freeing to realize that this is not going to be a 'finished' work of 'art' and instead a place to enjoy the act of creating.  I am going to try and do a page a week. If not....well there is always next week!

Title Page (10"X10")
Acrylic paint and mediums, stencils, rubber stamps, panpastels,
white gel pen, pigma pen, pastel pencils.  Black andwhite
photocopy of original image that was glued in and coloured.

Acrylic paint, stencils, spray inks, pigma pen,
white gel pen and washi tape (10"X10")


Black scrapbooking paper, magazine clipping, black and
white photocopy of dog sketch, acrylic paint and stencils (10"X10")

My four-legged muse - Whimsey....our beautiful golden girl!

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