Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days - Day Twenty-One

I have plans to visit Drumheller, Alberta in the next couple of weeks. My father's family farmed and ranched in this area and were some of the early homesteaders. I have fond memories of visiting relatives here as a child and when I was older helping roundup the cattle for the spring branding. Looking forward to visiting the ranch and driving through the farm country - especially with harvest in full swing. Day 21's picture is not exactly like the scenery in the Badlands area, but it will do in pinch!

Day 21
Acrylic on
Somerset printmaking paper

Badlands near Drumheller, Alberta


  1. So Gorgeous! I love how the pattern seems to sparkle! Love the palette :)

    1. Thank you Sheila! Can't believe we have done 21 paintings! Wow!!

  2. Janet - I feel like I have just 'discovered' you and am now working my way backwards through your work. I love the integration of mono-prints and paint. The colors here are just wonderful!!!
    - Connie