Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day Fourteen

Apologies for late post! I had to take my Mac in for repairs and without asking they updated my operating system to the 'El Capitan'....latest version. I had chosen not to update to this version given the less than glowing reviews. So... neither one of my scanners now works. And, yes we have contacted Apple support and there is little they can do. So.....apologies for the picture quality - here is today's image. husband was finally able to get things working - only took 3 hours or so!! This is the real post!  Showing what the progression to the finished image....

The start and then what I thought might be a 'finished' image - but I just didn't feel it was done.

So, kept going and feel much happier with this being the 'final' image.

Day 14
Acrylic Mixed Media
on Canson Mixed Media Paper

Much happier with this being the 'final' image. Hope you think so too! Have a wonderful day painting.

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