Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days Chicken Collage

Here they are.....30 of 'The Fairest Fowl'!

Learned a lot from these chickens and had fun painting them. I hope you enjoy them and congratulations on your Thirty Paintings in 30 Days!


  1. Just wonderful to see them squawking all to all together!
    One two three altogether girls!
    One two three four
    Can I have a little more
    Five six seven eight nine ten
    I love you
    A B C D
    Can I bring my friend to tea
    E F G H I J
    I love you

  2. Oh! Something is up in the hen house! Awesome work Janet, and so much fun to see your fine feathered friends each day! Love them all :)

  3. What a fantastic collection, Janet! Wonderful art!