Saturday, 16 July 2016

Painting - Acrylics

A week of rain, cooler temperatures and cleaning up after installing some new flooring in our home. Seemed as good a time as any to attempt a little studio cleanup as well. I am forever 'cleaning up' my studio. I hate 'recycling' or 'throwing' anything out! Always seems that a few months down the road I am looking for those particular items that I got rid off. I did unearth some of my earlier attempts at acrylic painting. At the time I painted these I was thinking how bad they were, and had thought of either painting over them or tossing. But I am glad I kept them - is a good record to see where I started and where I am on this art journey.

These pictures do not have much colour mixing - if any! (that is what I am conciously working on now). Tried some different techniques - collage, image transfer, stamping and using markers and coloured pencil. I am thinking of reworking one or two, but maybe I should just keep them as a record of where I started and where I am currently with my painting.

Looking at them now they don't seem all that bad.

Acrylic paint, image transfer & stamping

Acrylic paint, image transfer, stamping and coloured pencil

Acrylic paint & tissue paper

Acrylic paint & collage

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