Thursday, 21 April 2016

Painting - Spring is Here!

Spent a great day yesterday painting outdoors with friends. Our weather has been unseasonable warm and dry and we need rain!! Hopefully this weekend - keep your fingers crossed please. We did spend a lovely day outdoors and I did a couple of watercolour paintings. I find it easier to pack watercolour supplies for painting out. It is always inspiring and fun to paint with friends. Here are the watercolours....


8 3/8"X6"

Looking forward to a summer of painting day trips in and around our area - we have such variety - mountains, foothills, wishes


  1. Hi Janet, we just finished Jane's "100 Drawings" workshop together. I was going through the older posts and saw your blog from the intros (took me a while, but I finally looked). GREAT work! I love how you interpret the landscape. It's something I try to do, but I think you have a wonderful approach. Nice balance of abstract with slightly realistic. Love them!

  2. Thank you very much Cynthia - you have made my day!