Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Painting and more Painting! (Colour Workshop)

Lots happening in my studio!  Signed up for two of Jane Davies'  workshops - not sure what I was thinking but am making time for painting - lots of painting! Taking 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper and Beyond the Colour Wheel- Advanced Colour Studies. The colour workshop is very time consuming - making value scales mixing colours with black and white, colour wheels, taking the colour work and desaturating them to a grey scale (using your choice of app or scanner). And that is just Lesson 1. There are six in total and we receive a new lesson every two weeks.  Glad for the two week time frame. Have posted a some samples of work from the first lesson where we worked with value of colour. When looking at art work I probably don't even realize how much value plays in the way I am viewing it.

.....I know this is a little 'dry' to be reading and looking at images of!!


Used carbon black and titanium white paint and created a grey scale. The left shows the colour scan and the right scan is in grey scale. Interesting to look at in the desaturated photo - is 'grey' vs the colour image.


Adding black to create a shade and white to create a tint.  Trying to match the values to my grey scale.

Colour Scan
Desaturated Scan


Picked three primary colours and tinted the red and blue to match the value of the yellow. I used nickle azo yellow, phthalo turquoise and napthol red.  You can see when looking at the 'yellow' side of the colour wheel in the desaturated image the colours are slightly off.

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